Project Description

$ 350.00 Adoption fee to Experienced Veteran Macaw Handlers
Sunshine is a wonderful sweet Catalina Macaw. Sunshine is a smart young 22 year old girl who has had a tough past 10 years. She has stopped picking her feathers since she has been with us, and she thrives for a new stimulating environment.
We recommend a stable calm environment with a calm regular daily routine for her to be part of. A retired person with experience with Macaws, or someone who would be home most of the day would be our recommended adopter. She gets along with other birds just fine

*Delivery is available in most local areas of Washington and Oregon State.  Understandably there will be an additional transportation fee will be required for those qualified applicants who live more than 20 miles from Portland, Oregon

If you’re interested in adopting Holly within 72 hours, then please submit in your adoption application from our website.Or Click Here

If you feel that you can give Sunshine a good home, please submit your online application from our website, or click and paste this LINK

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