Project Description

KO JO has a tough upbringing. We prefer that KO JO ‘be re-homed with someone who truly has current experience with macaws. This is mandatory, No exceptions (Current Macaw owners or Proof of current experience is mandatory for his adoption)

Sorry we will not ship any parrot. Home visits are mandatory. Delivery is available in most local areas of Washington and Oregon. Please, No phone calls or e-mails, please fill out our adoption application.

Please read this parrots description and recommendations below before submitting our application.

*KO JO dose have a strong past of falling in love with children that treats him with kindness, and respect. *(We also understand that children will grow up and will move on in life and this will break Ko Jo’s  heart again). So understanding this, we know that KO JO’ needs to have a stable Adult care provider).

We most likely will Not place him in a home with children again. *(This is one of his special needs and requirements for placement).

KO JO’ has been accustomed to living out of his cage, all day and night.  *(This is one the Very special needs and requirements for placement of Ko Jo).

KO JO’ gets very upset when he gets caged for more than 2 hours. He has had 2 short stays in homes with children this past year, he tends to quickly bond with the children, and protects them from adults, and becomes protective of the children, and aggressive towards adults. We prefer to place him in a childless home. (This is one of his special needs and requirements for placement).

Don’t let the loss of KO JO’ chest feathers detour you from adopting this special young boy.   Ko Jo is just a young 13 years old. He is a true misunderstood macaw.  Ko Jo’ has a big heart and great appetite for steamed veggies and fresh fruit. He loves being in the main room were all the action is. He is well mannered, very social able and very quiet for his age.

Ko Jo’ is seeking a home that offers a calm stable environment, with a regular daily routine. Ko Jo needs the opportunity to interact with his new owner several times a day. He, dose say a few words, with the ability to learn more easily. He really is a bright young and calm boy.  KO JO’ loves to dance to music, and watch TV.

Ko Jo behaves, and is most comfortable when he on top of his cage or on a perch.  KO JO’ was relinquished to with us with an inappropriate cage, so he currently has a small used back up cage of ours. We will include a used white cage, one tree perch, and or a secondary medium circular used playpen with his adoption.

We understand that eventually Ko Jo will need a new cage, so this is why adoption is fee is reasonable. *(Please don’t contact us phishing for his adoption fee. Serious inquires only)*

Please understand that his freedom out of his cage is most likely the most important aspect for his physical and mental health.

If you’re interested in adopting Ko Jo’, and you have extensive macaw experience. In addition you can offer him all of the freedom out of his cage that he requires.    Then please don’t call us, just fill out our adoption applications, and we will call you as soon as we can.

Please visit our website to fill out our online adoption application or

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