Project Description

Sammy is one great talking Amazon. Don’t let his under developed feathers fool you. Sammy was housed in the basement of a home in Portland Oregon since 2012, (5 Years) until his rescue.

Due to his housing location, Sammy’s feathers didn’t have a chance to develop properly with the poor lighting and diet he was given. Sammy is a young, rambunctious 21 years old, and within just three weeks of his rehabilitation, Sammy had turned his life around. Sammy is now happy, energetic and, he has his awesome hearty childlike laugh back again. Sammy has started laughing again, and he is starting to talk up a storm, and likes to stat and tries to hold a conversation with anyone who will give him attention.

Sammy is tame once again, he likes scratches on his head, and most of all, and he enjoys being trusted to stay outside of his cage all day and night on a perch, or on top of his cage.

Sammy is looking for warm quite homes were he can enjoy life being a good companion parrot.

If you’re ready to adopt Sammy, please make sure you qualify by reading our adoption requirements, listed at the top of our adoption application before you submit your application. Copy and paste the link below to submit your application.

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Deliver is available in most areas. We will not ship any bird, home visits are mandatory. We will not place a parrot in any home that houses any Terrier mix of dog or dachshund dog. We reserve the right to place or available birds to heads of the household that are a minimum of 27 years of age. We will not place any bird with a breeder.


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