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Rembrandt The LAP BABY Harlequin Macaw

*Please be aware; if you don’t submit in one of OUR adoption applications we will NOT reply back or call you.

Please submit your application first. No phone calls or text please.

Please be aware; *That a home visit is mandatory to adopt , so we reserve the right to place her within a 3 hour drive from Portland, Oregon.* You must  submit in one of OUR adoption applications  first or we will NOT reply back or call you.

Rembrandt , is an extremely tame and well-mannered 20 year-old female Harlequin Macaw who is accustomed to being out of her cage most of the day and night. Rembrandt was raised sitting on her human’s lap for most of her 20 years. She is a sweet and affectionate girl that thrives on attention. She is accustomed to being around her flock all day. Rembrandt is trustworthy, and will stay on her perch and cage all day as long as she is supervised. We promised her owners that we would remain good godparents, and check in on her on a regular basis so we’d like her adopter to be local to the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area.

Harlequin Macaws are hybrid Macaws. They are a cross between a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Green Wing Macaw, the “gentle giant” of Macaws. All Macaws can be vocal at times and require a lot of attention and a stimulating safe environment. Harlequin Macaws require a lot of exercise.

Preferences: Macaws can live seventy years so you must be a person who is willing to make a lifelong commitment to Rembrandt. We recommend that Rembrandt’s new home be a low traffic home with little or no competition for attention from other pets or children. She gets jealous easily. We cannot consider anyone under the age of 30 years of age.


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