Project Description

Nicky is also an unknown aged adult Amazon, projected age is in her late 20’s.  Nicky’s sex is unknown, but we feel that Nicky is a female Blue Front Amazon.

Nicky is quite settled in her ways. They both no longer desire to be in the presents of children. They prefer a quite calm environment.

Doogie is a wonderful adult (20+) old female Yellow Fronted Amazon. She is a wonderful tame girl and a great singer. She doesn’t have the patience for children any longer, and recently, prefers the company of female handlers than men. For the past 5 Years, Nicky has been best Friends with “Nicky”; a Blue Front Amazon friend. Doogie sometimes has a minor panic attacks when she is out of sight of each other.

They are semi-Tame and handle able.

Their adoption fee for both of them, with two cages is just 500.00.

We don’t recommend separating them.

To adopt Doogie and Nicky please click this LINK to submit your application


Doogie Yellow Front AmazonNicky IMG_6341 IMG_6342 IMG_6343