Project Description

Jazzy aka “Jasmine” is one very intelligent Lilac Crowned Amazon.  Jazzy is a very mature and tame 22 year old girl who is very trustworthy, she can be trusted to live out of her cage all day and night, all while being supervised.

Jazzy know several tricks which she is pleased to show off daily. In the past, Jazzy had a Blue & Gold Macaw as a roommate for 20 years. Since she has been with us, she enjoys hanging around our flock of Amazons. She has grown especially fond of a female double yellow Headed Amazon. So she dose well with other birds. We would like to keep her with her new friend, but we feel she can be placed in her new home without her new girlfriend.

Delivery is available in most local areas of Washington and Oregon State.  An additional delivery fee may be required for those qualified applicants who live more than 25 miles from Portland, Oregon.

If you’re interested in adopting Jazzy and her large cage, and ready to adopt now. If you’re interested in adopting her new friend Carley the Double Headed Amazon, we may consider placing them together, after your home visit. Then, please submit in your adoption application from our website.

Or Click Here or copy and paste our adoption application link below.

*We ask that her new adopters be one of the heads of the household, and a minimum of 27 years of age. Sorry but we will not place any parrot in a home with any Dachshund or Terrier mix dogs.