Project Description

Experienced Veteran Macaw Handlers

Holly is a one of a Kind Blue and Gold Macaw. She has only had 1 owner /trainer these past 22 years, and she is one very smart and very special Blue & Gold Macaw. Holly is a tame DNA Female, who loves both men and women. Holly is harness trained and she likes to go on weekly walks around the block, when possible.

Holly is a very special girl whose wise past owner invested a lot of time training her. Holly’s trainer taught her a few tricks, and we feel that she can easily learn new tricks in a short time.

Holly speaks a few words, and we feel that her vocabulary will grow in time. We prefer to place her with someone who has large parrot experience, so they can appreciate her special abilities.

Holly can sing a little bit, her favorite song is “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.

One of the nicest things a about Holly is that she’s very well mannered, very trustworthy and she loves all types of soft music.

*Please be aware that we will not place any of our available parrots  any homes with children under the age of 17.

*Delivery is available in most local areas of Washington and Oregon State.  Understandably there will be an additional transportation fee will be required for those qualified applicants who live more than 20 miles from Portland, Oregon

If you’re interested in adopting Holly within 72 hours, then please submit in your adoption application from our website.Or Click Here