Project Description

Gracie is one Very Special girl. She is a very tame, friendly and loves o snuggle. Gracie is half Goffins Cockatoo, split with a Goffins Cockatoo. This mix of two great Cockatoos makes her an extremely smart, playful and cuddly gal.

Gracie gets along great with other birds, and loves everyone, men, women & children.  Gracie is a very smart, mature adult gal. We believe that Gracie is 15 years +, and her maturity shows. She loves to dance to music, play with toys with her handler, and she loves to preen other parrots when she is given a chance to. She does have a mild beak deformity which will require regular grooming three times a year.

We preferred that Gracie be placed in a home with low traffic without children. The perfect home would   be a situation where she could fly. Gracie loves to fly, she is currently full flight, she really love to fly.

If you would like to adopt, Gracie with her two medium floor cages, please submit your online application by just visiting our website to submit your adoption application.

* If you don’t submit in one of OUR adoption applications we will not be able to reply back or call.

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*Please do submit your application first.  Please, no text or phone calls.*Delivery is available in most areas of Washington and Oregon.


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