Project Description

Daisy is one very special girl. We suspect that she is a girl; we have yet to have her/him sexed, but Daisy is very tame and cuddly once she gets to know you. Daisy likes both men and women, and we do prefer that she be placed in a home with an experienced handler.

Daisy is a young 8 ½ years old. She is very affectionate, and playful. Daisy is looking for her forever home. Cockatoos can live up to 50+ years, with the correct diet and care. Daisy is a tame well-mannered girl who loves to cuddle by both men and women.

*I’ve added a video of a Corella playing ball with her owner. Corollas are very smart, and are known to be one of the best talkers in the Cockatoo family.

Daisy has had a bit of a jaded past, but now she is extremely loving and is ready for her forever home. We prefer to place her in a home with few pets, so she can receive the attention she deserves.  We hope to find a low traffic and a calm environment. We will not place her with anyone living in an apartment, Duplex, condo, motor home or trailer park.

If you are interested in adopting Daisy with her large cage, please fill out our adoption application from our website, or click Here to submit your application.

Delivery is available in most local areas of Washington and Oregon located off our I- 5 corridor.

* Please understand that we will not ship any parrot, a home visit is mandatory. Delivery is available in most local areas of Washington and Oregon State. An additional delivery fee will be required for those qualified applicants who live more than 25 miles from Portland, Oregon.

Click Here for our Adoption Application 

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