Project Description

Carley is one of the best Double Yellow Headed Amazons that we have had the pleasure of meeting in years! Carley is a young 22 years old. She is very mature, trustworthy and loving parrot. Carly is so tame she will allow you to scratch her all over her body at times. Although, we don’t recommend that you do. Carley loves to be out of her cage 99% of the time, she can be trusted to stay out on top of her cage or perch all night. She also dose well with other birds and dogs and cats.


She is the perfect companion, but don’t trust her with any of your secrets, she will repeat them eventually! Carley already says, Hi, Hello, and whisper talks your secrets, when Carley is in the mood, she will also sing Opera songs at the top of her lungs.   She is one awesome girl!


If you’re ready to adopt Carley now, please make sure you qualify by reading our adoption requirements, listed at the top of our adoption application before you submit your application. Copy and paste the link below to submit your application.

Deliver is available in most areas. We will not ship any bird, home visits are mandatory. We will not place a parrot in any home that houses any Terrier mix of dog or dachshund dog. We reserve the right to place or available birds to heads of the household that are a minimum of 27 years of age. We will not place any bird with a breeder.