Project Description

Bonnie is one Awesome African Grey. We think Bonnie’s name was chosen too quickly. Bonnie acts like a male African Grey! Bonnie adores the ladies, and will do anything to stand by their side in the Kitchen, or wherever there’s a snack. Bonnie –Boy, loves to stay on the perch in the kitchen or living room, or wherever lady is present.

Bonnie –Boy loves to perform for his female handler and the flock in the house. At times we feel that Bonnie  can talk  far too much, Bonnie also has learned  how to reprimand the dogs then laugh while she/ he sits high on her perch. Bonnie is a feisty 13 years old with plenty of Spunk!

 If you’re interested in adopting Bonnie – Boy with a very nice floor cage; please don’t call us or e-mail us asking for the adoption fee is.  If you are ready to adopt within 72 hours, then please submit in your adoption application now.  Submit your adoption application from our website for a quicker response back. If you submit thru this website we may get back to you in within 24, 48, or up to 72 hours .

We do prefer that her new home have some parrot experience, but this requirement isn’t mandatory for adoption.

Delivery is available in most local areas of Washington and Oregon State.  An additional delivery fee may be required for those qualified applicants who live more than 25 miles from Portland, Oregon.

We ask that the applicant must be one of the heads of the household, and a minimum of 27 years of age. Also, we will NOT ship any parrot. Home visits are mandatory with us. And we will not place any parrot with any breeder Last but not least, we will not place a parrot in a home with any Dachshund or Terrier mix dogs.

 If you’re ready to adopt Bonnie please make sure you qualify by reading our adoption requirements, listed at the top of our adoption application before you submit your application. Copy and paste the link below to submit your application.

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