The Parrots For Patriots Program launched in Vancouver, Washington on June 1st, 2015. The program is sponsored by the Non-Profit organization; Northwest Bird Rescue of Vancouver, Washington.

Working with the support of our Department of Veterans Affairs Parrots For Patriots places tame, orphaned parrots, as companion parrots with veterans and spouses of veterans, starting in the Northwestern portion of the US. (Washington State, Oregon, Idaho currently).

The adoption fees for our veterans are extremely reasonable, and vary upon the size of parrot and their age, history and accessories that accompanied the parrot. All adoption fees are far less than50% of the normal retail cost of just purchasing a parrot from a pet store.

Our veterans’ adoption fee also includes their parrot’s large cage, toys, a custom parrot carrier, and two weeks of a specialized seed mix and diet recommendation for the type of parrot they qualify to adopt.

Also our adopters will have a personal, face-to-face, one on one tutorial about the specific parrot that they are adopting. We will give instruction on proper acclimation for the parrots new environment, as well as diet, behavior traits, basic first aid, emergency procedures, and recommended Godparents (a person selected to take care of the parrot in case of emergency or illness). Our adopters will be part of a network of other veteran parrots in their region, in the event of any unforeseen emergencies.

In addition, our adopters will be eligible to purchase our exclusive brand of Manzanita products at wholesale cost. Items like our single and two bolt toys, our desirable table Manzanita top playpens, Manzanita tabletop T perches, as well as our large floor T perches and custom Manzanita. We will also construct special order customized Manzanita floor trees and perches.

Our veteran adopters will also receive their parrot’s past history records about their past diet, good and bad habits and veterinary records. All of our parrots will have a detailed answered questionnaire from the parrot’s past owner. (A compiled 56 questions about their parrots, special traits, habits and diet of their new parrot).

Our veteran adopters also receive their first two weeks of seed or pellet starter package with two instructional books on their specific parrot there adopting.

As of 2018 all veterans will receive 2 photos ID card with a photo of their adopted parrot, showing that their parrot was adopted from our program.

This affordable program is designed to help those veterans who cannot afford the normal high cost of purchasing a parrot or normal adoption fees to adopt an orphaned parrot, a proper cage, and supplies. We also understand the unexpected need for veterinary care, seed and feed cost, as well as toys for the bird can be costly.

With our program, our membership will receive discount ID card will allow our adopters’ discounts from 10% to 25% on products from local retailers, and veterinarian services in our Northwest region. We have an ever growing list of local retailers to help or veterans receive special on feed, toys, perches and other parrot supplies. We are currently working on obtaining discounts for our members for online retail outlets.

We are always seeking support from companies and individuals who will sponsor a veteran with a portion of the cost of adoption fees if needed. We are continually seeking retailers who will offer special discounts to help our veterans who seek assistance. If you know of a retailer who would like to join our program, please have them contact us.

We are compiling an ever growing network of veterinarians, bird supply retailers, and other avian service groups that are willing to give special discounts on most bird-related items needed for a new parrot.

We do understand that some veterans may be suffering from depression, loneliness, PTSD, or many other conditions which they may benefit from the companionship of a parrot. You do not need to be suffering to adopt a parrot. Any veteran who desires to have a parrot as a companion pet, we are here for you. We will assist all in finding the proper parrot for your situation.

Our orphaned parrots could really benefit from a veteran who needs a companion parrot too. We feel this program will be a win-win situation for all of our applicants and orphaned parrots seeking their new forever home.

To ensure that you qualify for one of our orphaned parrots, please review our adoption requirements before you submit your application. Thank you for helping us, help our veterans in need.