The Parrots For Patriots Program launched in Vancouver, Washington on June 1st, 2015. The program is sponsored by Northwest Bird Rescue of Vancouver, Washington, USA.

Working with the support of our Department of Veterans Affairs, we will be contacting veterans offering available companion parrots.

The Parrots for Patriots Program has some sponsors available, who will be able to help applicant with the reasonable adoption fees.

Although reasonable adoption fees are applied for all available parrots, there may be some financial assistance available. This program is designed exclusively for the benefit of all veterans, with special focus towards our home bound veterans, retired veterans, and disabled veterans.

This affordable program is designed to help those veterans who can’t afford the normal high cost of purchasing a parrot or normal adoption fees to adopt an orphaned parrot, a proper cage, and supplies. We also understand the unexpected need for veterinary care, seed and feed cost, as well as toys for the bird can be costly.

To help with the cost, our approved members will receive a special discount card offering discounts on products and services from participating vendors.

We are always seeking support from individuals who will sponsor a veteran with the cost of adoption. We are also looking for retailers who will offer special discounts to help our veterans who seek assistance.

We’re compiling an ever growing network of veterinarians, bird supply retailers, and other avian service groups that are willing to give special discounts on most bird related items needed for a new parrot.

We do understand that some veterans may be suffering from depression, loneliness, PTSD, or many other conditions which they may benefit from the companionship from a parrot. You don’t need to be suffering from a disease to adopt a parrot. Any veteran who desires to have a parrot as a companion pet, we are here for you. We will assist all in finding the proper parrot for your situation.

Our orphaned parrots could really benefit from a veteran who needs a companion parrot too. We feel this program will be a win-win situation for all of our applicants.

To ensure that you qualify for one of our orphaned parrots, please review the adoption requirements before you inquire about parrot adoption.

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