Grooming and Your Bird Why is it so important to groom your bird on a regular basis? Birds benefit from baths, nail trims, and wing trims. Nails, if not properly cut, can catch and snag on toys or materials, and the bird risks injury. Wings properly trimmed not only keep a tame bird from flying [...]

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Feather Loss: Cause and Treatment

Identifying causes of feather loss There are numerous causes of feather loss in birds – the first step toward treatment is to determine the cause. Obvious physical clues give us a direction to pursue, not a diagnosis. Birds have a limited number of symptoms to tell us they are sick; these few symptoms represent a [...]

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Making a First Aid Kit

Putting a First Aid Kit Together Know how to restrain your bird properly. Knowing this may just save your bird’s life! When a bird is injured, you will need to stop the bleeding before you take your bird to the avian veterinarian. Apply direct pressure to the wounded area. Once you get the bleeding under [...]

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Signs of Illness and Injury

Knowing what is normal and what is abnormal for your bird can save its life. These are some of the warning signs. Remember, never treat the bird yourself. Always go to an avian veterinarian. The earlier you catch signs of an illness, the better chance your bird has to recover. Appearance Shivering on perch Swaying [...]

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Safe or Toxic Natural Plants and Woods

[one_half_first] Safe Natural Woods for Perches or Toys Alder Almond Apple Apricot Ash Bamboo Beech Birch […]

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Items Dangerous to Parrots

Dangerous Food Items The following food items should never be fed to your parrot. Even in small doses these items can be fatal. Chocolate Avocados Sugar Unwashed fruits and veggies due to the pesticides […]

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