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What Do You Need Besides The Bird?

Necessary Adoption Certificate or Bill of Sale – Needed to identify that your bird belongs to you. Bedding (bottom of cage) – Your choice, but no sand or cat litter. Bird Bath Tubs – All birds need to bathe. Tubs are better for smaller birds. Cage – Choose one that is species appropriate. Carriers – [...]

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Setting Up for the New Arrival

Are you considering adopting a bird? If so, keep in mind that it will become a member of your family and it will consider you a part of its flock. It will depend on you for all its needs, and the love you give it will be returned more than you ever thought possible. What [...]

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Safe or Toxic Natural Plants and Woods

[one_half_first] Safe Natural Woods for Perches or Toys Alder Almond Apple Apricot Ash Bamboo Beech Birch […]

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Items Dangerous to Parrots

Dangerous Food Items The following food items should never be fed to your parrot. Even in small doses these items can be fatal. Chocolate Avocados Sugar Unwashed fruits and veggies due to the pesticides […]

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