• Please Read our Adoption Policy and requirements before submitting your application.

*(Updated 01/23/17)

Our Parrot Adoptions are for US Veterans and their Spouse’s only.

1. Currently, you must live in Oregon, Idaho or Washington State to adopt from us.
2. You must me a minimum of 30 years to adopt from our program, you must be ready to adopt within the next 24 hours. If not, please submit your application when you are ready.
3. You must have your DD214.
4. We are able to deliver to most areas within 100 miles of Portland, Oregon. If you live outside this region, and additional transportation fee will be required
5. We will not allow 2nd party adoptions. (No gifting of adopted parrots)
6. Reasonable adoption fees are required for adoptions of all parrots for veterans.
7. We will not be able to place any parrot into a home that currently house’s a Dachshund dog or ant Terrier mix dogs. *(Unless if the dog/dogs are currently in a home with parrots we still must meet the dogs in question)* Approval upon of home visit.
8. We will not place any parrot for breeding purposes.
9. Please do not call or text us about your application. If you haven’t heard back from us after 24 hours of your submission of your application, then please e-mail us at parrotsforpatriots@gmail.com – No calls or texting please

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