The idea of placing orphaned parrots with veterans was conceived in mid-2014 and was put into action in 2015. On June 1st the Parrots for Patriots Program was launched in the Pacific Northwest.

Founded By Northwest Bird Rescue of Vancouver, Washington

Working with our veterans administration office who understands of the needs of our veterans, and some people who were unable to obtain a therapy dog in the past, we saw a need for therapy companionship. In addition, we realized that other veterans who have the desire to own a parrot, but don’t necessarily have the means to purchase one, could benefit from this program. With the population explosion of orphaned parrots, and the ever growing need for companion pets for our veterans, we realized that this would be a great opportunity for the parrots as well as our veterans to give each other companionship. This way, they can help each other.

We realize that parrot ownership isn’t for everyone, we have over a decade of successful parrot placement experience. For those who desire a parrot as a companion pet, we don’t want to encourage them to jump hastily into parrot husbandry. This is a serious long-term commitment for the adopter, and the placement of a parrot is a serious endeavor for us. We have a winning formula for parrot placement. We have comprised a special process to place orphaned parrots into the veteran homes that desire to have a parrot. If you desire to have a companion parrot, please follow our protocol of parrot placement, and you will be rewarded for years with a great companion for life.

We have compiled an ever-growing network of non-profit parrot rescues and special avian services that understand the needs of our special veterans as well as our orphaned parrots. Together, we have designed a network of discounted services for our veterans.